March 12-13, 2022

Reserve grooming online.

Deadline for reserving grooming February 23, 2022.

Reserved grooming will be in Columbia Hall. There will be NO GROOMING ALLOWED in the Jackman-Long Building. This will be strictly enforced.

All grooming spots with power have been reserved. There are still spots without power available.

Reserved spaces are limited with limited electrical outlets. Reservations received after allotted spaces are filled will be returned. Reservations are for the full two days of shows; no partial day reservations will be accepted.  No exercise pens in the grooming area.  There will be public pens available both inside and outdoors.

RESERVED GROOMING  SPACE FEE:  10 x 10 Feet (approximate) – cost is for the weekend.

  • $30 WITHOUT power

There will be limited space available for unreserved, free day grooming without power.

The Show Committee reserves the right to assign all the reserved grooming spaces. No dogs may be left overnight in reserved or in free grooming areas.

All grooming setup will start on Friday at 4:00 pm.

Spaces must be accepted as assigned. All grooming spaces must be cleaned and vacated by 1 hour after Best in Show Sunday.

SFKC will not be held responsible for personal belongings left unattended.

Reserve grooming online.